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Ch. Spitfire Lonestar Jamboree HIC
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DOB: December 1996-March 7, 2008
OFA: Hips BSD-2530E33F
       Elbows BSD-EL436F33
       Eyes BSD-1482

Height: 24" x 24"
Scissors bite, full dentition
Bree was my solid foundation for Windmar. She was a sweet tempered girl, always smiling, always willing to please. Very "easy going" and calm character. Lots of prey drive! She always had a grin when meeting new people and seems to have passed this trait on to her offspring. She had a chance to work sheep twice and loved to send wayward cattle back over our fence to their pasture. Bree was a wonderful brood bitch and enjoyed raising her litters. She is the dam to Windmar's B, C, D, and E Litter. Bree was retired after her E litter.
**Bree was diagnosed on March 6/08 with an aggresive form of Leukemia. She had shown no signs of this illness until the last week. We had expected her to live a long and healthy life as she had thus far.
Bree was very special to us and will always be in our hearts.
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