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Puppies born Sept. 6/17. 3 Boys and 1 Girl
Puppy Information....
At Windmar, we strive to produce sound health, structure and good temperament in all breedings. All breeding stock are OFA'd for hips, elbows and eyes and are seizure free. All my Belgains are part of the family and are house dogs. I feel you need to expose a Belgian to all sounds and sights, other animals, and bonding time with the family. All pups born at Windmar are whelped and raised in the busiest part of the house...the kitchen. They are exposed to lots of handling, noises, crates, car travel, other animals, and many types of surfaces and environments. All pups are given 1st shots, micro-chipped and registered with CKC before leaving for their new homes. I evaluate my litters at around 8 weeks of age for apptitude/temperament and structure. I try my utmost to match the pup to the family/environment and pups are available to go to their new homes in the 8th week after testing has taken place. I offer a written guarantee and sales contract on all Windmar pups sold.

Occasionally I might have an older pup or adult available to a pet/companion home or may know of one from another breeder that needs rehoming. Please contact me if this is what you might be looking for.
This will be Zsuree's last litter. Viking is a sweetheart with a wonderful temperament and a good compliment for Zsuree. Should produce some nice pups willing to do it all. Contact me for more information or to be put onto the waiting list.
Ch. Isengard's Zsuree at Windmar RA PCD HS CGN TN-O TG-N IAC ICC HP-N/AM RN
OFA: BSD-4012G30F, BSD-EL21708F30, BSD-EYES53/32F (recerf'd Nov./16)
OFA:BSD-4173G24M, BSD-EL1854M24, BSD-EYE194/22M
Ch. Isengard's Zsuree at Windmar RA PCD HSs CGN/AM RN
Ch.Isengard's Theoden HIC

Fr.Ch.,s.r.Rival de la Fureur du Crepuscule (G*)

Ch.Isengard's Licensed To Chill C.D.,R.N.

Ch.Isengard-N-Sumerwynd NikolaP.T.,H.S.As

Fin./Se/No.Ch. Valkohampaan Dumbarton

Ch.Sumerwynd's Dana of Isengard C.D.X,V.C.D2,P.T,H.S,H.X.Ad,M.X,M.X.J

GrCh KonTiki av Vikholmen CGN HIC RI PCD URO1 LUX UK IR Ch Revloch Zidane IR CH Revloch Ready To Rumble With Nuliki
IR CH Duchesse Du Pre Du Vieux Pont At Re

CIE N DK UCH Dustin Dream Av Vikholmen

Victory De Condivicnum
        N DK INT UCH N VCH A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie